Is Exposed Insulation Dangerous? Advice From Tampa Insulation Contractors

Does your Tampa home have exposed insulation? Insulation, especially fiberglass insulation, is potentially harmful to your health. Those pink, fluffy rolls are often left uncovered by builders. In certain circumstances, this could put your family’s health at risk.

If you have uncovered insulation in your Tampa home, here’s what you need to know about it and how Installed Building Products of Tampa can help.

Are you concerned about uncovered insulation in your Tampa home?

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When Does Exposed Insulation Matter?

It’s not uncommon to have exposed insulation in Tampa, especially in the basement or attic. Leaving insulation exposed in these areas does not create health risks, and it can make it easier for homeowners if they need to add more insulation at some point.

If you’re not living in these areas but only use them for occasional storage, you can leave the insulation alone.

Exposed insulation matters when you have it in areas you use regularly. This commonly occurs in an unfinished basement where you send the kids to play or use the area for a home gym. In these cases, exposed insulation puts your family at undue risk.

Do you have risky exposed insulation in your home? We can help. Call (813) 280-5007 for more information.

Dangers of Exposed Insulation

Just how risky is exposed insulation? If your family regularly spends time around exposed fiberglass insulation, you’re at risk for several health concerns, including:

  • Skin irritation: Fiberglass is a skin irritant. Even if you’re not touching the insulation, it can send particles into the air that can irritate the skin.
  • Lung irritation: Even more concerning, fiberglass, if breathed, will irritate the lungs, creating serious respiratory risks.
  • Eye irritation: The particles from fiberglass can also irritate the eyes.
  • Risk to children: Most adults know to leave fiberglass alone, but children are naturally curious. They may touch the fiberglass and increase their risk of health problems.

If you’re spending much time in the room, you want your insulation to be properly covered.

Help Covering Exposed Insulation From IBP of Tampa

So what can you do if you have exposed insulation in an area of your home you regularly use? IBP of Tampa has several solutions to ensure the safety of your family.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Install paneling or sheetrock over the insulation.
  • Use a poly membrane sheet to seal the insulation.
  • Install flooring over the insulation on the floor.

Working with an insulation expert like the team at IBP of Tampa will ensure that all your insulation installations and repairs are safe and comply with current building codes.

If you need help with insulation that’s exposed in your home, contact IBP of Tampa today.

IBP of Tampa — Your Tampa Insulation Pros

Call us for all your Tampa attic insulation needs. Our contractors understand building codes and how to use insulation to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

If you have any concerns about your insulation and its safety, don’t hesitate to let our contractors know.

Call IBP of Tampa today at (813) 280-5007 or contact us online for help with your exposed insulation from a team of insulation professionals.

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