Attic Insulation Service in Tampa, FL

Loose-fill fiberglass insulation being blown into an attic.

At Installed Building Products of Tampa, we take good care of your attic. Our insulation specialists work closely with homeowners and builders to ensure new homes and retrofit properties are appropriately insulated.

We offer a range of insulating products specifically selected for our climate to provide adequate protection against heat gain and heat loss. Our insulation contractors in Tampa, FL, make sure your attic insulation provides the reliable thermal protection you need to enjoy superior comfort and energy efficiency.

Contact Installed Building Products of Tampa at (813) 280-5007 to request a free attic insulation estimate.

Benefits of Attic Installation for Your Home

Your attic is the largest source of heat loss in your home. Installing or re-installing the proper insulation in your attic, including the knee walls, offers many benefits, including:

  • Reduces wear and tear on HVAC systems
  • Lowers your monthly utility bills
  • Keeps your home cooler in summer
  • Protects against pest infestation
  • Controls air leakage
  • Helps improve indoor air quality
  • Helps control indoor humidity
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Helps protect your roof
  • Protects against structural damage caused by moisture, mildew and mold
  • Increases home value

The Right Amount of Insulation for Your Home

R-value is a crucial part of insulation — it’s an indicator of a material’s resistance to conductive heat flow. Generally the higher the R-value (thermal resistance), the greater the insulation’s effectiveness.

The R-value depends on the insulation’s material, thickness and density. A higher R-value generally means a more effective insulator; the highest R-value may not necessarily be right for you.

Homes in specific climates don’t need as much insulation as others.

For example, homes in Alaska don’t need to worry about insulating against extremely warm temperatures — whereas the weather is very different in Florida. That’s why different regions of the U.S. have different recommended insulation levels.

Insulation Climate Zones Map


Different Types of Insulation We Install in Attics

We carefully select our insulating products for their thermal protection and suitability to our subtropical climate, famous for hot, humid summers and temperate, wet winters.

We only install high-quality products that provide year-round protection, including:

Our insulation contractors in Tampa, FL, can help you determine which type of insulation best suits your home and your desired comfort.

From your basement to your attic, we’re happy to install durable solutions that provide lasting protection for your home and family.

Call (813) 280-5007 to discuss the attic insulation options available for your Tampa home.

Contact Us for Attic Insulation in Tampa, FL

At IBP of Tampa, it’s our pleasure to help you make informed decisions that will enhance your comfort and reduce your utility bills.

Our locally owned and operated business is committed to our community, and we’re proud members of the Tampa Builders Association and the Florida Home Builders Association.

We maintain strong relationships with local construction firms, building companies and insulation manufacturers. We keep a keen eye on the future and use the most advanced insulating materials and technologies to deliver superior thermal protection and comfort to our clients.

Call (813) 280-5007 to learn more about our insulation and re-insulation services and request a free attic insulation estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best insulation for an attic in Tampa?

Fiberglass insulation is well-suited for Tampa’s climate and will effectively protect against heat gain and heat loss. Radiant barrier insulation can be applied to the attic ceiling beneath the roofline. It’s cost-effective and offers enhanced thermal protection when combined with fiberglass insulation.

Do I need to remove existing insulation?

If the insulation is wet or damaged, it should be thoroughly removed. However, if the insulation is in good condition, adding new insulation on top of the old is perfectly acceptable.

How much insulation does my attic need?

Florida is in ENERGY STAR® Zone 2, and we recommend that uninsulated attics in Tampa, FL, have R-30 to R-60, and insulated attics should have R-25 to R-38.

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