What Insulation Is Best for Stud Walls?

Fiberglass batts being installed into a stud wall

When it comes to comfort and energy efficiency, the right insulation in your stud walls makes all the difference. At Installed Building Products of Tampa, our insulation specialists will help you select the best insulation for your new building or your renovation projects.

Whether you’re a contractor or homeowner, we have a broad selection of top-quality products that are specifically chosen to deliver superior performance in our climate.

Contact the insulation specialists at IBP of Tampa by calling (813) 280-5007 to discuss your insulation needs with our team.

Why It’s Important To Insulate New Stud Walls

It’s common to add stud walls when building or renovating a structure. There are many benefits to insulating stud walls, and it’s something we strongly recommend for our clients in the region.

Insulating stud walls will help reduce your utility bills by maximizing the energy efficiency of your home or business.

Proper stud insulation will improve your comfort by making it easier for your HVAC systems to maintain the optimal temperature. In turn, this reduces wear and tear on your HVAC systems, which reduces maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

The right stud wall insulation will also provide effective soundproofing between the interior and the exterior, as well as between rooms and floors. Proper insulation will also improve the fire safety properties of the structure and is thus a cost-effective investment that’s worth every penny.

Which Insulation Is Best for Stud Walls?

There are many options for insulating your stud walls. These are some of the most effective options we recommend for our clients in Tampa:

  • Spray foam: Spray foam insulation is applied wet. As it dries, the liquid expands, penetrating deep within cracks and crevices to create a superior seal. It can be applied to stud walls using specialized equipment that drills into the exterior of your home or by pouring the insulation via access points at the top of the studs.
  • Rigid board: Rigid board insulation consists of rigid, dense sheets of foam. These lightweight sheets can be cut to size and attached directly to the stud wall. This creates a solid barrier against heat loss and heat gain and offers exceptional soundproofing.
  • Fiberglass batt or roll: Ideal for use in new construction, fiberglass batts can be cut to size and inserted between the studs before the installation of drywall, brick, etc. As with all insulation, it’s possible to select the optimal R-value for your desired comfort and budget.

Don’t guess which insulation is best for your home or business.

Call IBP of Tampa at (813) 280-5007 to discover the top-quality solutions we recommend for Tampa-area homes and businesses.

Choose IBP of Tampa for Wall Insulation in Tampa, FL

The insulation specialists at Installed Building Products of Tampa are always ready to help you select the ideal insulation solutions for your needs.

Our comprehensive expertise and our access to the best insulation products allow us to deliver superior results that enhance your comfort and improve the energy efficiency of your home or business. It’s our pleasure to answer your questions and provide references for recent projects we’ve completed.

Contact IBP of Tampa at (813) 280-5007 to learn more about our company and the insulation solutions we recommend for your Tampa, FL, property.

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